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Auction: Monday, May 9, 2011 - 10 a.m.
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Lot Nr. 6901
An U-Boat Diesel engine from First World War.
Production year 1916, manufacturer Germaniawerft Kiel-Gaarden / Friedrich Krupp AG. 6-cylinder in-line engine. Output 335 HP at 300 rpm, Capacity 202 ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 40000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6902
An MAN Diesel engine 11 LZ 19/30 for airships and speedboats.
11-cylinder in-line engine in double effect two-stroke construction with slot control and MAN counterflow scavenging. Block made in most elaborate we ... >>more

Condition: II+
Limit: 40000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6903
Kübelwagen KDF 82,
in running order. Sandy paintwork. Chassis no. 25925, badge number (reproduction) 027932 in engine compartment, ID badge (not original) attached to c ... >>more

Condition: II-III
Limit: 25000 EURO Zuschlag 30000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6904
A Kübelwagen with four-wheel drive.
This vehicle is a true to the original reconstruction of the prototype four-wheel driven Kübelwagen 86. Some parts originate from the VW Type 87 (Kom ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 40000 EURO Zuschlag 50000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6905
A VW Käfer (Beetle) 1947,
produced in December 1947, comprising a complete original engine no. 1-100573, riveted 16-inch rims and VW hub caps, two headlights marked "VW" (left ... >>more

Condition: III
Limit: 10000 EURO Zuschlag 40000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6906
Horch 951A Pullman Cabrio,
without engine and transmission. Numberless black-painted chassis, in fairly well condition, partly restored. Horch radiator grille incomplete (espec ... >>more

Condition: III-IV
Limit: 30000 EURO Zuschlag 30000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6907
A NSU 350cc motorbike with sidecar.
Walter Moore, former engineer at Norton in the thirties, designed racing motorcycles with overhead camshaft. At the same time, the range OSL with 4-s ... >>more

Condition: III
Limit: 4000 EURO

Lot Nr. 6908
Stampe SV4C,
for exhibit only. Cannot be repaired and be airworthy any more. Renault engine SV4 not in working order, many parts missing (e.g. magnetos, pump, she ... >>more

Condition: II
Limit: 9500 EURO
Position: 1 to 8 of 8
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