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Auction: Monday, May 9, 2011 - 10 a.m.
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An MAN Diesel engine 11 LZ 19/30 for airships and speedboats.

11-cylinder in-line engine in double effect two-stroke construction with slot control and MAN counterflow scavenging. Block made in most elaborate welding practice - revolutionary in those days. Welded liners, oil-cooled pistons, made reversible by adjusting the injection pump camshafts (two per cylinder). Starting as usual with large Diesel engines by blowing in compressed air. Complete with scavenging air fan, starter pump, cooling water pump, oil and piston cooling pump.
The LZ 19/30 (piston diameter/stroke in centimetres) series comprised engines of seven, nine and 11 cylinders for airships and battleships of the Reichsmarine and Kriegsmarine.
Continuous output 1.400 HP, battle output 2.000 HP, capacity approx. 185 litres, weight approx. 3.800 kg, length approx. 400 cm, width approx. 100 cm, height 250 cm.
This engine stems from Schnellboot / speedboat "S 15", an S 14-type boat, built at the Lürssen yards in Vegesack, launching on February 15th, 1936. Towards the end of the war the three engines were taken to the Augsburg MAN factories to be overhauled. There they were captured by the Americans. After extensive test runs in the years 1945/46 they served as exhibits. The other two engines are in the Deutsches Museum and in the MAN factory museum.

Condition: II+ Limit: 40000 EURO
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