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A Chalcidian helmet with a griffin crest

4th century B.C.
Tall, extended bronze skull, similar to that on Phrygian helmets, surmounted by a crest with wave-shaped spikes and droplike decoration. Broad, set-off brow field, with a fragment of a central Gorgoneion surrounded by hissing snakes. Short neck guard. Embossed volutes above the ear cutouts and a richly decorated wing riveted on the left side (the other is missing). Two unusual heart-shaped cheekpieces with chinstrap loops riveted to the inside. A scroll and the segment of a bow above each of the formerly riveted tubular hinges. Height 31.5 cm. Weight 1364 g. Reddish-green patina, showing the metal surface in places. The residual metal is very well preserved in places, with replacements and restorations everywhere on the helmet, especially on the brow, the right side, at the crown, neck, and right cheek piece. The skull has been reinforced with fiberglass and resin on the inside.
Axel Guttmann Collection (Inv. No. H 82/AG 320). Published in H. Born, "Restaurierung antiker Bronzewaffen - Sammlung Axel Guttmann" vol. 2, Mainz 1993. Example VIII.
Extraordinarily rare helmet from the small family of griffin crest helmets, richly and unusually decorated with a beautiful noble patina in places.

Condition: II-III Limit: 25000 EURO
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Zuschlag 37000 EURO


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