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Slavko Kvaternik (1878 - 1947) - a marshal's baton

in the shape of the "Sjekirica", the Croatian battle axe
Silver, partially gilt, embossed, chiselled, engraved and enamelled. Both sides of the axe head decorated with chased rose leaves on a stippled, the slender neck of the haft with the engraved dedication "Hrvatskom Vojskovodji S. Kvaterniku - 13. Aprija 1941 - Poglavnik A. Pavelic" ("Dedicated to the Croatian Army Leader S. Kvatnerik - 13th April 1941 - Commander A. Pavelic), on the side the master monogram "GK" and silver hallmark. The upper border of the square-edged shaft decorated with Croatian interlace pattern, enamelled state flags and the Croatian coat of arms, framed by carved red rubies, white diamonds and blue sapphires representing the national colours of the country, underneath on both sides plastically modelled figures of the legendary Croatian commanders Berislavic, Zrinski, and Frankopan. Jeweller's signature "Braca Knaus Zagreb 1941". Carved fluted handle with silver end cap. 628 g silver, length 78 cm. In case with red silk lining bearing in golden letters the jeweller's name and address "Braca Knaus - Zlatar Rezbar - Zagreb, Ilica Br 15".
Slavko Kvaternik, General Staff Officer in the K. u. K. Army, after WW I General Staff Commander in the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, involved in the Ustaca Movement. He proclaimed the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) in Zagreb on 10th April 1941, four days after the Wehrmacht had invaded the country. Ante Pavelic became Croatian Head of State and appointed Kvaternik to marshal and Commander-in-Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces. In 1942 however a rift developed between Pavelic and Kvaternik, who subsequently went to exile in Austria. He was turned over to Jugoslavia in 1946, where he was sentenced to death and executed by a firing squad in Zagreb in 1947.
Important document of the more recent Croatian history.

Condition: I- Limit: 45000 EURO
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